14:34 Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020

I recently stopped using twitter, because of all of the negative shit on there, really affected me.
went back, added a few tweets - but dawned on me today - why am I bothering?

I voiced my opinion - without being asked
why do i bother? why do i need to? - well i don't, and I think i'm going to stop

This is the era of everyone pointing out how shit someone or something is - not to be confused with people giving tier opinion - but i would say the scales lean towards an open forum to call someone a cunt, be racist, or just complain about how shit something or someone is

i dont like that - so i dont need to add to it -

all i said was that i think that SGT peppers is over rated

but who am i talking to? i dont need to tweet that - i could save it for when i next talk to someone - message someone

Facebook - i use for entertainment - i do feel like i have a small audience with that, whether it is friends and family - a means of communication - however slight
and a chance to attempt to make people laugh

twitter - other than news - or to see stuff from people i am interested in - not sure i ever need to tweet fresh ever again

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