Our Year Of Parties In Review (unfinished)

5:10 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2005

i was in Ict today and i got bored and for some reason i decided to do this pile of shit
if i have forgotten any please remind me
the case may be that i was not at that party,
if you can be arsed to read all this, enjoy

Kylies party in the summer holidays
Party of randomy JOY 062kylie and holly
This was a good party, the party that had a lot of people, coming and going through the night
I had lots of strongbow as usual, stayed up all night, walked around in my underwear, streaked with mark and josh,
Jon and bob chucked up,
Smithers downed loads of vodka
Went to bed with holly and Anna, woke up with mark……
Erm, what else
Went to see Charlie and the chocolate factory the next day, and fell asleep during it, it was a good night, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves

Tommy’s and josh’s birthday party

This party was also good, quite good that everything went well, no one had any arguments no one got pissed off, and most people got pissed (Ben ahem, Aimee)
My present for josh hadn’t turned up, and Tommy’s present I’d wish it hadn’t turned up
Steve and josh were picking each other up and throwing each other
Tommy fell asleep at one point, I think
We streaked again; it has turned out to be a common occurrence
People streaked again, without me, and I was late, run out to catch them, but then couldn’t be arsed
Kylie told us all that she had to eat all day, many a-time :p
Erm lets think, what else happened?
Mainly people getting pissed, again
There was a few fireworks if I remember correctly

Bonfire night party

This party was around Natalie’s again due to the success of toms and josh’s b-day
This one was also a success, erm, what happened……
Each of these parties involved strongbow for me, and now I can really remember what happened
I remember that not everyone that was invited turned up, same as the toms and josh’s b-days
Erm, Steve got in arguments with people, with me about oasis
Walked home

Josie’s 18th

I really enjoyed myself at this party, and as I am aware, so did lots of other people, there was a few, fuck few, there was lots and lots of things that angered people, but we still all had a good time
The chanting which I started on the dance floor was good
I hurt my legs doing the backrollflip thing
Steve did it and landed on his feet somehow
I got held back one or 2 times
Aimee and Kylie came back from Berlin and came to the party
Ben got drunk
I had a fare amount, I was very very merry, yet I was still standing and could walk ok, so I don’t think I was that far gone, probably the most I have had since Gary warrens party, because of the shots too, Nathan and jess were there which was good
I thought the party was good as, it was just a hall full of people I knew, and if I didn’t know them personally then I knew them from college
It felt comfortable, so you could make an arse of yourself, in which I reckon I did
Anyway, walked Lauren and Christine home
Went to bed

Christine’s party
Drunkard 2Holly and KylieRound-a-bout
Ah Christine’s party, one of the 1st that I went to
I can’t remember what day it was; I think it was possibly a Wednesday
Me Steve Kylie holly and Anna went
So as me and Steve new that we were going to be on our own in the corner not knowing many people we prepared for the evening, (where strongbow corner comes from)
I went round steves a few hours early from the party, and we started drinking early, watching dirty Sanchez
We did have quite a bit to drink and we were I’d say, merry
Then we found out that the party was going to be later, so in that time we kind of sobered up,
Went down to his hut at the end of his garden in the rain and played streets of rage,
Finally got to Christine’s, I didn’t have the best of time there, it was a very very good party, I mean I won at twister like 3 times in a row, yes I will take a bow
But I was feeling down as my point was proved, as Steve saw
Steve got pissed and it was funny him being pissed and me not
“Steve spin on your head”
Went home, took picture on the way

Jens party
Jen's Party 044WTF Belgium!!!!!! 123
Ah Jens party, now that I enjoyed, there was lots and lots of people at her party, a lot in which I didn’t know all, and yet again we were on the strong bow
Mike kinda sedated himself with rum and strongbow, out for the count
Me and Steve carried on drinking through the night
Went out in the rain for a strongbow run a few times
Made Libby and rob get lost
My fault
Played guitar, talked with will
Did card tricks
Went to sleep with Kylie on my lap, head towards me,
Woke up strangely with her feet in my lap,
I don’t know how she moved around with out me waking up, strange
Had college the next day, partly hung-over and very tired
Jens party was very good

Aimee’s birthday

This party was good too, thinking about it there hasn’t really been a bad party with everyone, some of which I may have been feeling down, but still had a good time
I was not down at Aimee's, everyone was there, give or take one or 2 people, lots were drunk, bob was pissed very quick, again
Aimee hid that she was pissed
Lots happened, and lots I don’t remember
Like falling asleep, don’t remember that
Ironing boars were thrown people pulled out of bed,
It the smoothest party going, as people bashed their heads and people were angry at people, but still a good time was had :D

Gary warrens Halloween
me and stevela beftek
This party, I probably had the most to drink in a while
I was able to be served at the bar, which was great as my fake id got taken
So I was buying everyone drinks
Looking from pictures taken I was quite pissed
I did have a good time
Went in the mosh pit, got punched in the balls from mark
Erm, well I can’t really remember much else happening
I got picked up and carried a few times
People were down so I tried to cheer them up
People left with out others knowing
Kylies mum gave us a lift home which was nice of her,
I asked people if they had a good time, and some people said no, but fuck it I thought it was ace

Mikes party/sleepover
mikes sleepoverMarcus Pissedtom and jon
This party, I don’t really remember how it came about, we were having a picnic and I think someone suggested sleeping over at mikes
He couldn’t have everyone in there house so Steve brought his tent round, it was quite a warm night so it was ok
I brought my guitar around
We had a lot to drink, I as well as Meg stayed up all night
We got shouted at by mikes next door neighbour a few times
The shadows were funny
I think we went swimming the next day
I’m not too sure
Anyway, good night it was

Natalie’s birthday
Alphabet Castlethrough the air
I really enjoyed that day, cos it was like a 12 hour party, I didn’t get bored at any time either
The bouncy castle was great hadnt been o one in ages
Hurt my foot though
Got loads of pictures of the day,
Mike some how had a lot to drink in a short period f time, well at least I think he did at nats party
Then he got punched in the bollocks really hard by either josh or robs, I didn’t see which it was, but you could almost hear his bullock pop
Kylie went early as she was going to watch guys and dolls,
Anna turned up after work, so did mark
It was a bloody good party

Picnics x 2 (well kinda parties)
us boys again
We had two picnics over the space of two days; well these were the main ones, as we did have about 4 more with different people at different times
It was a Tuesday and a Wednesday
I think the second picnic was the day we slept round mikes I the tent
On the Tuesday I went early to go and see starsailor and everyone went around Natalie’s I think
Second day, I wasn’t that happy, but everyone else had a good time
We all played with footballs and rugby balls
Steve got whacked in the balls a few times
They were good days
this week was a fucking good week

Ben's Birthday
Ben's 18th. 025feeling sleepy in the early hours
this was a good night
we went to the chinese down grays, i cant really remember what it was called,
i'm not really a fan of chinses but i enjoyed it, bit steep of price
for some reason i was a bit pissed off getting there
i cant really remember why
but anyway we went to mikes after the chinese had loads to drink
then we went to libby's had a look at some flickr , watch teachers, walked people home
me and libby had a long chat

My Birthday
Right then my birthday,
This was a proper spare of the moment thing,
I can remember people asking me what I was doing and I replied with, fuck all
their responses being something like
Steve : “we cant have that you dickhead”
Kylie : “Oh noooo! We must do something”
So I gave in and decided to have people round mine
I cant really remember what happened all that night, but the time flew past
People gave me my presents and that was nice
We played spin the bottle at one point
There was rolling pin action
And then we all went home
It was good

right well unless i can think of more parties then that will do for now

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