09:01 Thursday, Apr. 29, 2021

i have a habit of bombarding people with conversation (is it a habit? or a trait?) and then when you on a whole get little to no response from people, is that a sign that you need to chill out?

I always find that after a little while - I feel it is necessary that I go quiet for a bit - not because i'm down or sad or anyhitng, but more along the lines of i'm reading the room (the best i can, from over multiple text messages) that perhaps people have overdosed on me for a little while.

and then when its brought up with one or two people, its like - oh dont be silly

the typical response of you're being stupid, instead of perhaps the correct response

it probably isn't true, but it doesn't stop me thinking it - without wanting to

"some times i feel like my friends don't like me"

"shut up, you're being fucking stupid"
"well i hate you, but I've kept you around for this long"

funny when the shoe is on the other foot - that i dont give that back

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