Thanks For the Good times

21:33 Sunday, Jan. 04, 2015

"it would be so nice to hear you say, Thank you for the good times, before the good times fly away"

previous diary entries, were mainly filled with song lyrics (some times whole songs as whole entrires)
or some sort of code

there isn't really much to talk about these days,

because i'm Happy

it's weird because, I didn't really use this as a diary, as such
(however much i wish i had for historical purposes)

it was just to write down shit, about how unhahppy i was or, how someone was pissing me off,
or how i Lusted for someone and they didn't know or didn't feel the same blah blah blah

its concerning how many times i've written that I'm depressed

I wasn't depressed, at all,
I've seen depression, and I definitely wasn't

I was unsatisfied,

I remember Holly saying it to me ages ago,

and it was true, i was unsatisfied that i wasn't getting everything i wanted

Unsatisfied, that i didn't have a girlfriend, or any real girl interaction,
unhappy that i was working at asda,
unhappy this unhappy that

when really it was just my teenage hormones and puberty

i really should have listened to the smiths back then


it's funny how no one really said how they felt on here, not everyone spoke in such a coded code, as some of it could be worked out

but no one named names, no one said
"X has really fucked me off today"

"or such and such was nice to me today"

"i really fancy Y and should do something about it"

it was almost like I wrote in here because i wanted people to see this and realise i was talking about them, when really, it was impossible to decipher though all of the code and shit

so these days, it doesn't really feel like i need to post on here

i would really want to, and for a week or so i really tried, but it was hard

i've never been good at getting my point across, or even good at english in general

so perhaps everyone once in a while i'll write a little not on here, from time to time


Just a little summary of the 2005-2006 diaryland era

I had a really good time - doing nothing!
same old same old, but it was brilliant (walks, lakeside, pub, drive)

girls on here, I'm sure i definitely Lusted over you at points, definitely some more than others, and whined that none of you's were my girlfriends or whatever

but I'm glad it never happened, and I'm sure you all are too

because things turned out ok

But looking back, I do miss you guys,
2005/2006 you guys

I miss spending loads of time with Kylie

I miss sitting in Steve's car on his driveway, because it was somewhere to sit at night

I miss sitting in Steve's bedroom

I miss long walks to lakeside with Mark

I miss watching disney films on Libbys bed

I miss Kylie's huge cool house, whether it was watching her play piano, of just chilling

I miss The oak followed By Rams Kebab

I miss Blackshots field

I miss long walks

I miss having long chats with lisa

I miss randomly spending time doing nothing with 6-7 people everynight

I miss random saturday night Parties round natalies

Thanks for the memories

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