Fucking Big List

5:26 p.m. 15.05.2005

Fucking big list
1. My full name is Paul James Sinclair

I am

2. i am a carnivor
3. i am a capricorn
4. i am a short person
5. i am a thin person
6. i am strong person for my height and build
7. i am Going To The Doctors On Monday
8. i am a fast runner
9. i am hungry
10. i am a strongbow drinker
11. i am a bitch at thumb wars

I Can

12. I Can Ride A Bike
13. I Can Play Guitar
14. I Can Do a back roll flippy Thing
15. I can Be happy
16. I can jig, oh yes
17. i can do a 450 on a bouncy castle
18. i can count to 10
19. i can do card tricks
20. i can make people laugh occasionally
21. i can make people smile sometimes

I Look

22. i look like Lee Evans apparantly
23. i look with my eyes
24. i look in the mirror
25. I look forward
26. I Look For a good time
27. i look but i cannot see you
28. i look stupid in most photos of me
29. i look in the mirror sometimes
30. i look under 16 to people in the co-op
31. i look at some people and think "tosser"

i feel

32. I feel sick when i eat too many weetabix
33. i feel with my hands
34. i feel sad sometimes
35. i feel the way i walk is stupid
36. i feel hungover after 9 cans of strongbow
37. i feel sick at the thought of raisens
38. i feel i know some people better than others
39. I feel anger toward some people at the sight of them
40. i feel tired after kalms
41. i feel bored so i am updating this

I Know

42. i know my 2 times table
43. i know that you know that i know
44. I Know something you dont know
45. i know alot about cuts of meat
46. i know i dont know enough
47. i know it
48. i know i'm not good enough for some people, give a shit
49. i know i should cut down on swaring
50. i know i wont
51. I kNow I shouldn't...

I Have

52. I Have around 40 scars on my body
53. I Have No Girlfriend
54. I have Lateral Compartment Syndrome on my right foot
55. i have little patients
56. I Have a gold disk of definitly maybe
57. I Have a guitar called sexy sadie
58. i have a lot of time on my hands
59. i have not many contcts on msn
60. i have many a catchphrase
61. i have none of that

i need

62. i need to eat less junk
63. i need a plan
64. i need someone
65. i need a slap
66. i need something....
67. i need to be needed
68. i need to eat a lot to be full
69. i need some organisation
70. i need something to do
71. i need to see a doctor

10 favorite possesions in no order

72 i) rings on my fingers
ii)my guitar
iii)my computer
iv) my bed
v) my thundercats DVD's
vi)my collection of concert DVD's
vii) my exploding dog boks
viii) my song book
ix) my gold disk
x)my bank card

favorite word

72. shlepper

favorite saying

73. You Know That Shit's Newport

30 facts about me

74. I Live Down Long Lane
75. i work at asdas in tilbury at the moment
76. I Swear A Lot
77. i am 18 years old
78. i was born on the 28th of december 1987
79.I'm nearly 19
80. i'm not a fan of the taxman.
81. I Used To Live In Tibury,
82. 81 Byron gardens Tilbury essex Rm18 8be
83. i am trying to teach myself piano
84. at my junior school i had a crush on a girl called Marie Waite
85.At Secondary School I Had A Crush On Lauren Sibley
86.at college i took double ICT and geography
87. my kidneys hurt
88. lots of people dont like me
89. i couldn't remember to forget
90. my house isn't the best place for a party venue
91. i would class myself as an indy
92. I had a girlfriend, months ago, her name was keighley
93. since then not a lot has happened on the girl front
94. my favorite films are lethal weapons
95. i poked nathan in the eye with my snooker cue
96. my record at chip ups is 107
97. i spend my money too quick
98. i need inspirado
99. i'm not too sure right now
100. i need to buy more christmas presents

This is the 4th time time i have updated this, i'll probably do it again somewere down the line

i dont have lots to do as i am doing this, also you decide your own conclusion on me


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