11:04 p.m. Friday, Oct. 21, 2005

I live in the city

The city you can not see out of
No matter how hard I try, I can not see out
No one who lives here has seen out
And many have said that it is impossible to leave the city
But I have heard a rumour of a great highway that can take you out of the city
Roads that can take you far away
Places that do not smell like old food
Places where you no longer need cars
I was going to leave today
But I have to go to work tomorrow
And send faxes to the future
But I will be leaving the next day and I will take you with me
Because there is something I want to talk to you about
That is if you want to go?

We drove

And drove and drove trying to leave the city
It was only after a long drive that we were able to see the city behind us
Unfortunately, cars suck
And unfortunately the road ended
But walking is healthy for you,
We walked through the forest
We walked through the fields
We walked until we were very tired
I never imagined so much existed in the world
As it was getting late we found a strange house
We hoped to find answers to our questions
Hello, hello!
We were welcomed into the strange house
Inside was a strange man, who would not tell us where we were or where we were going
Have some nice warm soup
And I will tell you some stories
And the strange man began telling us some stories of the land we were travelling through
He told us of a town where all the inhabitants were made of cardboard, and they made children by recycling their dead
He told us of great turtle races
He told us of astronauts who came back from the moon with a dehabilitating addiction to moon coffee
He told us of factories that got so polluted that they lost their gravity
And he told us the story of the king

The story of the king

I am the king
When I was young I was given the crown
And now I am the king
And this is my beautiful queen
And this is my world
And these are my people
When they gave me this world it was very ugly
And the people did not know how to be happy
But I had my people make the world happy
And I make my people happy
They have wonderfully efficient houses to live in
And wonderful stores to shop in
With wonderful products to buy
Isnít it great!
When my people are sick, I give hem drugs to make them feel better
I make rules and punishments to keep everyone happy
I have made an amazing army
And wonderful weapons
Thousand of weapons
But some days I donít know why I wake up
I love my beautiful queen
But she says I donít love her right
And I know my people break the rules when they think Iím not looking
Maybe I shouldnít care
Maybe I donít care
And then the king gave up

In the future

Maybe it was the soup, I do not think I understood the story
We were getting more and more tired but our host kept talking
In the future we will live forever
In the future we will have three arms, because three is better than two
In the future we will send fat people to the moon and they will be light as a feather
In the future you wonít need your eyes to see
In the future you will get your food over the internet
In the future the rain will never mess up your hair
Wow, I guess the future will be interesting
But I just want to fall asleep
I wish we were home

The future never lasts forever

Iím not sure what to think of the king
But I have decided
That I love you
I want us to be together
I want us to live together
I want to enjoy the afternoon sun with you
And we will turn off
All the noises that keep us awake at night
I will always make you happy

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